December 24th, 2005

Yeah? Well, Sing This!

daisy_knotwise and I were listening to the Rock and Roll Roots radio program on WDRV last week when they played the Mamas and the Papas song, I Saw Her Again Last Night, written by John Phillips about the affair between his wife, Michelle, and bandmate, Denny Doherty. I can only imagine the personal dynamics involved in, "Here, Denny. Sing this!"

Later, of course, Fleetwood Mac produced The Chain under similar circumstances.

So, how many mixed gender bands have produced songs about one or more bandmembers behaving badly with other members of the band?

Quiet Christmas Eve

We'll be having a quiet dinner this Christmas Eve with Jeff, Carol, Pete, and some friends of Jeff and Carol's who are coming by.

Have a Merry Christmas (or the suitable holiday celebration of your choice).