December 25th, 2005


It was a lovely Christmas Eve service at Jeff and Carol's local Episcopalean church. The only problem was when it came time to use the kneelers. daisy_knotwise told me, "You don't have to kneel." But I'd spent two years in an Episcopalean school, so I knew how to handle it.

Unfortunately, the kneeler didn't. About ten seconds after I'd settled onto the kneeler next to Gretchen, the wood brace gave way with a crack like the sound of a rifle.

We decided to give up kneeling for the duration. And I think I'd better lose some weight.

Rocky Mountain Christmas

So you come to Colorado for Christmas and you expect to see snow. Well, we have seen snow, but mostly what we've seen is snow melting. The high temperature in Colorado Springs on Christmas Day was around 63 degrees.

On the other hand, I understand the weather in Chicago is pretty wretched...