April 13th, 2006

Minicon Bound

Well, not quite yet, but soon. I've reached one of those not-insoluble-but-really-annoyingly-hard-to-figure-out moments staring at my code. (This loosely translates to "They want it to do what?" Now, they haven't asked me to make it do what, but making it do what is the Path of Least Resistance on the way to the thing that I've been asked to make the product do, so down that Path I will go. On Monday. When I get back.)

If I find a web connection, I'll post from Mpls, otherwise, see you when I get back!

(And since I'm abandoning daisy_knotwise at home to a weekend of coloring Easter eggs and eating microwave popcorn -- along with the myriad other things that need to be done there! -- you all can watch for her.)