June 27th, 2006

Harry Potter Death Watch Continues

In an interview, J.K. Rowling suggests that Harry might be killed in the final book of the series. She notes that two characters end up dying who she hadn't originally planned to have die, while one gets a reprieve. She also mentions that there would be deaths would be among "main characters".

Personally, I think that Harry, Ron, and Hermione (and Ginny, for that matter) all get out alive. I expect that the casualties will be McGonigle and Hagrid, while the one getting the reprieve is Snape.

Of course, I could be wrong...

Ode To A Desk

Because ericcoleman asked for it (over in daisy_knotwise's journal) and because it was simply too hideous to leave buried in the comments, the following song about the new, rather large desk in our home office:

It's a damned big desk, yes, it's really large
And if it could float, it would be a barge.
It is larger by far
Than the smallest of cars
It's a big desk after all.

It's a big desk after all.
It's a big desk after all.
It's a big desk after all.
It's a damned big desk.

(I suspect you've all sussed out the original tune by now...)

Not That I Recommend This...

Far be it from me to suggest that burning the U.S. flag is a good idea (other than in a respectful disposal of a worn flag), but I am happy to report that the proposed Constitutional amendment that would have prohibited flag burning has failed in the Senate.

My personal view on flag burning is that it's potentially offensive speech and that it ought to be within the letter of the Constitution to treat it in the category of "fighting words". But that would be a different discussion altogether than this amendment.