August 19th, 2006

Dinner With Daniel

We got on the road about 4 PM. I reserved a room in Avoca, Iowa, which was pretty clearly as far as we were going to feel like driving today. Then I realized that among the various mathoms we were carrying was a DVD that tarkrai has solicited for filker0 to use in setting up some stuff on the Pegasus website. "Hey," I said, "Isn't he in Iowa?"

So I called tarkrai, got filker0's cellphone number and a couple of hours later, we were having dinner with him just outside of Iowa City. The mathom was passed, we had a brief cellphone chat with spiritdance, then bid our friend a fond farewell and got back on the road.

We pulled in here just before 12:30 AM which was just fine, all things considered. And the motel has wireless Internet access and an indoor pool, along with a noon checkout. As you can see, we've investigated the first; the second will follow in the morning.

Edited: because I was apparently too tired to tell time when I wrote this originally...

Trip Planning

So the plan is to drive to Grand Junction, Colorado tomorrow. From there to Las Vegas, where I just booked a room at New York, New York. Then to Anaheim for Monday night, so we're ready to unload and move into the Hilton on Tuesday.

Now, sane people would plan this sort of thing before leaving home...

Sleep Beats Water

This is not a new form of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Instead, it's just the realization that we slept long enough that we're better off getting on the road than hitting the pool here at the motel. For those of you who find yourself needing a motel room in western Iowa, let me say this is a very nice Motel 6 here in Avoca.

The fact that it has free wireless Internet has absolutely nothing to do with that opinion, of course.

Not sure if I'll be able to get on line again before LACon, but who knows what we'll find down the road?