August 26th, 2006

And The Preliminary Results

Denver won the 2008 Worldcon by 12 votes. My suspicion is that a lot of the on-site voters voted for the location closest to L.A., but we'll know more about that when the daily totals come out.

Despite the fact that Denver was part of the old Midwest rotation zone, my opinion that the recent changes to Worldcon site selection have had the effect of screwing over the Midwest stands intact. Denver's a damned sight closer to the West Coast than to most of the rest of the Midwest.

But we'll see what happens with the 2009 vote. If Montreal wins that one over Kansas City, then it's going to be devolving into a pretty sad situation.

Correction: Denver is in the old Western zone. So a city in the Western zone voted a Worldcon to another city in the Western zone. How nice.

Generally Cool

I hadn't gotten around to mentioning this (in the general chaos of Worldcon), but I'm absolutely delighted to have The Destroyer nominated in the Best Battle Song category for the Pegasus Awards. I expect to get run over by the juggernaut called March of Cambreath, but getting nominated is a pretty fine thing in any case.

Worldcon Wind Down

L.A. is reporting over 6000 members. This does not appear to be a count of "warm bodies" (that is, folks who are actually here), nor is it clear how they're counting one-day memberships.

Sales at the table have been kinda mediocre actually, but Tullio and Amy's ray guns and such have done quite well. We've sold all but 3 of the 21 items they sent. And we've sold more than 20 of Worldcon Guest of Honor Speeches plus a fair number of the other books on the table.

I had some fun at the art auction today, cutting out early to get ready for my concert with daisy_knotwise, and bought a piece at the auction before leaving. Now to figure out where to hang it...

Gretchen and I sang the following half hour set: Request, Remember the Hyatt, SMOF Widow Blues, Second Class Fans, Wings, and Apology. We had a good audience and it played well, so we were delighted.

And now it's about time to head down to the last of the open filking.