October 3rd, 2006

Tinfoil Hat Time

So I walked out of work yesterday with Ballroom Blitz running through my head for some unknown reason. I hopped into the car, switched on the radio, and there was the Drive playing the same song, which is not that common on their playlist.

It must be time to get one of those tinfoil hats to keep the radio waves out.

Mailing List Etiquette

What a wonderful day to post my first-ever LiveJournal poll!

Poll #836121 Mailing List Etiquette

You are on a mailing list and believe that a certain topic that is being discussed is actually off-topic for the mailing list and should be discussed somewhere else. Do you:

Post a lengthy response giving your detailed opinion about the topic which concludes by telling everyone that they should henceforth talk about this in another more appropriate (and specific) place, since the subject is off-topic for the list.
Post a brief note to let everyone know that they can find your response on this topic (which you believe to be off-topic for the mailing list) in a particular, more appropriate location where everyone might want to continue the discussion.
Hit the delete key and ignore the whole thing, hoping that it will go away.

RIP: Taqueria Fiesta

We knew it was coming, because someone wants to build a bank on the property, but we didn't know when. Yesterday, when we tried to take catalana there for a postponed fajita dinner, we found that our favorite Mexican restaurant, Taqueria Fiesta, had finally been forced to close.

If we're really lucky, Salud -- the owner -- will decide to open up again somewhere else in the neighborhood. They originally came to the area to serve the fairly large Mexican population in the area, but the food was good and affordable, which meant that it was a great place to eat.