December 3rd, 2006

Halfway Home

I've now mixed half the tracks on catalana's album, with testable mixes from this afternoon of Ladies of Fairytale, Ruins, East of Eden, Ready to Die, and Raise a Glass. I still need to record daisy_knotwise's conga part for Wait For Me By the Moonlight, but that's the only track left to record, unless we're able to make arrangements to get singlemaltsilk's part for Average SCAdian Girl. This would be a good thing. :)

Track Meet

So I'm looking at the vocal track that I recorded for the bridge of Where Are You Going? and concluded that -- now that we have the tom line -- it's just way too low. I really need to retrack it an octave up and see what catalana thinks of it. But I don't want to bother daisy_knotwise who is taking care of Katie.

Of course, this track is just on the bridge. So I patch everything together, enable record, and hit the buttons. Then I run around to the recording booth, close the doors, put on the headphones, wait for it to come around on the guitar, sing the bridge, remove the headphones, open the doors, run back to the engineering room, and hit stop on the recorder.

I have ADAT remotes. I wonder if they work with headphone extension cords...

That Wasn't a Crash of Cymbals

When I built the studio computer, one of the mirrored 120 GB Western Digital Caviar drives failed early on. I swapped it for a new one under warranty. The second drive may or may not still be under warranty -- I'd have to check -- but it appears to have failed. Now the good news is that the drive is mirrored, so I shouldn't have lost any data. We'll see if that's actually true, as the drive is being a bit intermittent and the system wants to rebuild the array, so I'm letting it take a run at it.

The problem is that I really need an eSATA port to connect my external mirrored hard drive box to and the eSATA card that I bought -- apparently all of them, actually -- is incompatible with the Promise Technology RAID support on the motherboard. But I went online and just found a card with one eSATA and three internal SATA ports and RAID support. So I've ordered that card from one supplier and two new 400 GB SATA drives from Fry's (with a five year warranty). Total cost with expedited shipping is less than $400, which seems pretty cheap right now, given that the computer that I'm mixing on could start kicking its little legs in the air at any moment.

This does mean that I won't be uploading MP3s for catalana to listen to tonight (or when she gets back from Germany). *sigh*