December 5th, 2006

Sideways In Time

catalana is back from Germany and will be listening to the 11 out of 16 mixes that I posted for her. Katie is fussing, apparently because she wants to be held (which shouldn't be a great surprise), and daisy_knotwise and I have seen the first five episodes of Heroes which I recorded some time back and -- unfortunately! -- the last two minutes of last night's episode.

The nice thing about being a Legion of Super-Heroes fan watching this series is nicknaming the characters. I mean, there's Duplicate Boy, Saturn Lad, Flight-Ring Kid, Dream Boy...

And what I can't cover there, I can mostly get from the X-Men: Professor X, Wolverine (who appears to be split between a couple of characters), the Vanisher...

Of course, the way that Marvel's been treating the Professor lately, I'm not sure if he's not supposed to be the guy in the glasses. But call me in another half-dozen episodes.

And skip the spoilers, ok? :)