January 4th, 2007

I Knew There Was Something I Forgot

On the list of things to do before GAFilk: burn current copies of catalana's and my CD for the Interfilk auction. So I go to the basement and play spider solitaire while waiting for them to burn.

And I walk upstairs and realize that what I should have been doing was counting the inventory of manufactured CDs and tapes in the basement, because tomorrow I have to pull orders for delivery at GAFilk and the count will change. Duh!

The counting is done now. And I can go to bed...

Those Crazy Things We Do

After charging home from work to pick up daisy_knotwise and Katie, we ran to the Chrysler dealer to pick up her minivan and then down to the Ford dealer to drop off my Five Hundred for some work it needs. We stopped for pizza for dinner, then proceeded home, where I put together invoices for the CDs and books I'm delivering at GAFilk.

Then I spent an interminable amount of time laying out tray cards for the current rev of catalana's and my CDs that I'm taking for the Interfilk auction at GAFilk. You'd think by now I'd remember the song order on these albums without notes. You'd be wrong.

Tomorrow, I fly off to Atlanta, leaving Gretchen and Katie for the weekend. And I now realize that I still haven't copied any of the baby pictures to the laptop that's going with me. I guess that's next!