January 31st, 2007

Back to Work

Snow was not on today's menu (except as leftovers), so I headed into work today for the first time since my fall. daisy_knotwise applied a fair approximation of a figure-8 wrap to my knee, which made the front of my leg mostly stop hurting for the first time, so that has to be classified as a major success. It certainly made it easier to hobble around.

I spent most of the day slamming through more than 250 files cleaning up initialization problems with CStrings. Whether this will actually fix any problems is hard to say, but I did manage to find the incantation to get the compiler to flag them, which was more than anyone else had quite managed, although they had managed to figure out that there was an initialization problem. But my specialty is combing through Microsoft documentation...

The fact that I was able to spend eight hours sitting at a desk today at work gives me hope that I'll be able to make some major progress on album mixing this weekend.