February 3rd, 2007

Mixing While Gimpy

daisy_knotwise has taken Katie off to the Capricon board meeting so that I'm actually free to do some mixing on the album projects. I finally have rough mixes for everything on Falling Toward Orion and am now burning a test CD. No truck testing today, though -- it's too damned cold out!

Once that CD's burned, I'm going to head down and start trying to fix up the mixes on catalana's album, Hello, Stranger. Fortunately, I printed out all of the mix notes before Gretchen left...

Well, It's Getting Stranger

Or closer to Hello, Stranger or something like that. I just posted candidate mixes for Gypsy's Curse, Hello, Stranger, Saturday Nights, Ladies of Fairytale, and Ruins. Eleven songs to go, but I think it's probably time to take a break for dinner, since daisy_knotwise has returned from her (long) Capricon board meeting.