March 8th, 2007

Meanwhile, Back at the Bed

I talked to Dr. Bob last night and he thinks that the likely source of the fever is that I'm sitting around a lot, which is quite possible. He told me to spend more time using the thingie that you inhale through to make sure that I'm not messing up my lungs. So I'm doing that. (He said, as he took a deep breath.)

The leg is less sore today than yesterday, which is good. I spent a bit over three hours so far today in the CPM machine, but it looks like the cable for the remote control has a fault, as the machine reverses direction when I shift the remote around. Not good. So I'm talking to the guy who brought it in to figure out what to do next.

I'm suspecting that part of the problem with the fever may be sodium overload combined with the Lasix I'm taking, so I'm trying to make sure that the sodium levels stay down. This means daisy_knotwise needs to find some different soups for me.

Other than that, I spent many hours working on work-related stuff today. And I find, once again, that I'm tired. *sigh*

Campaigns Just Start Too Early

On the other hand, the Internet allows for some creative fun by someone who is apparently not affiliated with Barack Obama's campaign (nor, I would imagine, with Hillary Clinton's). And all you have to do is click here to see where Hillary's weekly message has been remixed with a rather famous commercial from Apple Computers.