March 9th, 2007

Getting Better at This

The knee is still nowhere near ready to bear weight, but the swelling in my leg is down enough that I can at least rest my foot on the floor for balance without going "That hurts a lot". This is good.

The CPM machine has worked ok so far today, despite yesterday's multiple faults, so we'll see how that goes. The annoying thing is that it pushes the bed away from the headboard, despite Sam's having figured out how to lock the wheels on the bedframe. The wheels eventually just slide across the hardwood floor. daisy_knotwise is working on a solution.

And, if it weren't for being able to telecommute into work and get on the Internet -- both of which work better when you're not forced into an increasingly reclined position -- I'd be going absolutely nuts.

Or, at least, more so than I normally am. :)