March 12th, 2007

A Little Forward, A Little Back

Actually, today was mostly forward progress, partly catalyzed by annoyance. The CPM machine developed a new defect today somewhere in the fourth hour of workout, so they'll be bringing another one tomorrow. The builders will who rehabbed our bathrooms will arrive tomorrow and charge us an annoying amount of money to install grab bars in the three tubs and one shower. (Wish we'd remembered to have this done when we were having the bathrooms renovated!)

But I've been up and out of bed a good bit more often today, using my bad leg for balance on the walker. This started when I had to go into the office to find out why the document that I needed to print for work wouldn't print. It turned out that the printer address had changed when we had our four hour blackout a couple of weeks ago and we hadn't actually printed anything since.

And as long as I was up ambling around with my walker, I may as well do it more often. It's good for me. :)