March 14th, 2007

Grab It

The contractors finished installing the grab bars in the tubs and shower stall today, which means that -- once the grout finishes drying -- I can finally get into the shower, settle down on my little shower bench, and get clean. In the interim, daisy_knotwise was good enough to wash my hair in the bathroom sink last night, which has been a substantial improvement.

I keep plugging into the CPM machine to work on my knee rehab. I've got the flexion up to 83 degrees now, which is considerable progress from the 60 degrees that I started at. The process knocks the swelling out of my left foot, although the fluid retention starts back up again afterwards. And when I look at my left leg, I realize how little work it's done in the last couple of months. This will need to be corrected in the near future.

But Gretchen's been taking good care of me (and Katie!) and I've been able to get stuff done at work remotely, so at least things are moving along there.