April 6th, 2007

Technology Wars

Older technology appears to have declared war on our ability to watch Scrubs. First, the VCR upstairs decided that it wasn't going to do any timer-based recording -- or, upon further examination, any recording at all. So I bought a new Samsung VCR/DVD combo unit, which had to be swapped for a different one, since the first one wouldn't accept a tape.

Since then, the replacement unit has snapped one tape, which I attributed to a power outage problem. But last night, with a brand-new tape, it recorded only the audio for Scrubs and plenty of static where the video should have been. Since pressing the record button in a test later that evening recorded the same source in a perfectly normal way, I'm now a bit annoyed and trying to figure out if this unit is going back as well.

Then I read today in the newspaper that Comcast will be "upgrading" us to digital cable at "no cost" within the next year, which means that none of our cable-ready devices that record programs for us will work worth a damn going forward. *sigh*

So I'm getting a bit annoyed...