April 8th, 2007

Sideways Toward Orion

No real mixing progress today, although daisy_knotwise and I did listen to the current mix of Falling Toward Orion on the way out to her brother's wife's sister's place for Easter dinner. I think I have a good idea of what still needs to be done, but it's getting too late to want to start mixing tonight, since we still haven't had dinner.

So I think that later this evening, I'll go work over catalana's insert based on the comments from her and her dad; then I'll work on my own insert.

Liner notes are a good thing, after all.

Shai Nuff

I blame catalana. tarkrai's and scs_11's song, Shai, had been nominated for a Pegasus award for Best Battle Song and I'd learned it to sing it for the Pegasus concert at LACon IV. But she wanted to have someone else sing it at OVFF, because I had The Destroyer nominated in the same category and she (justifiably) wanted to get someone else to sing it.

No problem. Smac could sing it. Except he was in Germany.

No problem. Simmons could sing it. Except he was radioactive and not coming to the con.

Someone was going to have to learn a really long song. But in case no one was available to learn a song that long, daisy_knotwise and I decided it could be lightly abridged if necessary...
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