April 9th, 2007

Thank God You're Here

daisy_knotwise and I watched the first two episodes of this NBC series tonight. Our first thought? "We could do that." Of course, we've been doing improv comedy for over 20 years, so if we're given any sort of survivable script to fall into, we'll probably succeed -- at least in our own minds! :)

The gag here is that everyone else has the script for the bit except for the guest actor who needs to figure out what he or she is doing. And, of course, you're greeted on your entrance with "Thank God you're here!"

There was one completely non-survivable script that was given to Monique. She was in a situation where there was no possibility that any answer she would give would be correct. For example, she was the co-host on a TV game show and was told to introduce the three contestants. Now, there was no reason that she needed to be contradicted, as it was completely immaterial as to whether they were Heather, Bob, and Sue or Jane, Dick, and Spot, but contradicted she was. It was poor sport and I suspect was the reason she was declared the ultimate winner for the night.

The other nine sketches (four solo sketches and one group sketch per show) were survivable and most of the guests did pretty well. However, much like the Game Show Network commercial where the viewers are shouting "Marsupial!" at the screen, when Dave Foley is the show's judge and you are playing Miss Caicos and are asked who your dream date would be, the correct answer is always "Dave Foley". Not Chewbacca. *sigh*