April 15th, 2007

Happy Endings?

I have a new -- and with luck, final! -- set of mixes for Falling Toward Orion that daisy_knotwise and I will be giving a critical listen to. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

In other news, there's nothing like discovering that you need to re-record a guitar track when you've destroyed the original scratch track that had the count off on it, because "I won't need that again". As it happened though, we had thought the copy of the tapes that min0taur and Sally had been working on might have vanished in the mail at one point, so I'd made a duplicate copy of my original that we'd turned out not to need after all.

Until now, when I looked up and found it sitting on a speaker, complete with the original scratch track that I needed.

Can't lose 'em all. :)

Closer to the Cigar

I touched up six tracks after the truck test. These changes were really just minor level adjustments within tracks such as "more vocal", "more lead guitar", etc. Now, we'll see if it all hangs together.