April 19th, 2007


Well, it took 21 pages of paperwork, 2 CD-R masters, and 2 CD-Rs containing the electronic files for the artwork, but Hello, Stranger and Falling Toward Orion will be off to the duplicator tomorrow, just as soon as daisy_knotwise drops them off with FedEx.

For those of you who are curious, here are the track lists for the albums:
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Rabbit Season!

Actually, it's baseball season. I managed to torch the entirety of last season in my cards-and-dice baseball league by getting too busy (and eventually, too busy with a knee injury) to play, but we've decided to have me go one more round in the draft and see what happens.

Unfortunately, the draft is on Sunday, when I'll be in Orlando in the middle of an all-day meeting with some of our product's best customers. Fortunately, Guth was good enough to come by with the cards on Wednesday so I could study them. Today, I gave him my instructions so that he can draft for me (when he's not drafting for himself).

We'll see how it goes.