May 28th, 2007

Back From Marcon

We got back from Marcon a bit later than planned, as there was a tangle in the loading dock for the dealers on the way out. I'm not sure exactly why, but with luck they'll sort it out before next year. (It doesn't seem to have been the fault of anyone involved with the dealers, but there was at least one large van parked for what seemed a very long time with no one around it.)

I had a good time at the con. Trace called about 8 PM Thursday night to ask if I could cover bedlamhouse's concert, as he was stuck in Texas. I said "Sure!" and ended up following after catalana. Since we both had new albums coming out at the con, this turned out to be pretty convenient. :)

I was pretty stiff and sore Friday night (probably from the drive and table stuff), so I skipped the open filk and ended up crashing out early after chatting with tollers about recording software and hardware. On Saturday, I caught Wulf's concert; then hosted the "End of the World" theme circle, which devolved into open filk after an hour or so.

I saw a great many friends there (and am going to skip listing them all to avoid filling up your friends pages). It was a good time.