June 1st, 2007

Katie Update

daisy_knotwise took Katie in today for her six month checkup and all's well. (Although the doctor's office was a bit chaotic...)

Katie is now 27.5 inches long and 20 pounds. This means her current car seat is still good, but not for much longer. She's still in the upper 95th percentile on height and weight measures with everything in proportion, so that's good.

I'm told that the long car ride home from the doc worked together with some recalcitrant freight trains to produce a monumentally poopy diaper. Katie is now sitting in her high chair wearing nothing but a new diaper -- today's outfit being a poop casualty -- and happily eating green beans.

The Meltdown Is Approaching

I've been waiting for all hell to break loose on the Cubs. Today, it did as Zambrano and Barrett ended up going at each other in the dugout and then in the locker room. My impression from reading this account is that more of the blame belongs to Zambrano, but I could well be wrong, given that Barrett followed Zambrano into the clubhouse. Of course, he might have gone to try to make peace.

All I know is that Barrett is the one who went to the hospital for stitches for his split lip. And with Blanco already on the DL, this could be really entertaining.

In all the bad ways.

But we're off to the game tomorrow. And we'll see what happens.