June 20th, 2007

Still Stuck

As I go alphabetically through the transactions that need to be updated, I find I'm now in the middle of the "E" section. Whee!

As programming exercises go, this is about as exciting as watching paint dry. :)

Brownie Thunder and Flying Formation

I needed gas, so daisy_knotwise, Katie, and I set out for the gas station this evening after a futile first attempt at installing Katie's new car seat. So once the old car seat was back in position...

After we got gas, we headed down to Culver's for some custard and skywatching. The flavor of the day for custard was Brownie Thunder (vanilla custard plus caramel plus brownie chunks). The flavor of the day for skywatching was the International Space Station, which made its appearance near Venus right on time at 9:53 PM local. As it arced across the sky, I suddenly realized that it was being followed.

"Did the Shuttle separate?"

"Earlier today," Gretchen replied.


It's not often you get to see man-made objects in space flying in formation.

We weren't the only ones who'd gone to Culver's for some skywatching -- another man pulled in moments before the ISS and Shuttle appeared and thanked me for pointing them out to him. And since Culver's closed at 10 PM, when the ISS and Shuttle vanished into the Earth's shadow, he vanished into Culver's.

We'd already had our custard, so we headed home.