July 2nd, 2007

Another Taxing Situation

Between having a new baby in the house and blowing out my knee, we haven't quite managed to file the taxes for this year yet, largely because I need to finish the Dodeka taxes first. I did file the appropriate extensions, of course. Now the final result will be that I don't owe anything, but the trick is assembling all of the data to prove it.

That data was supposed to be somewhere on the desk. So I excavated the mess this evening, throwing out a lot of very old paperwork, only to discover that the closing inventory for the year wasn't there. This is what we call a Bad ThingTM.

So I went downstairs where daisy_knotwise was happily entertaining Katie and grabbed the enormous stack of stuff that was underneath the end table. Let's see. Videotaped episodes of Enterprise that we still haven't watched. The missing Volume 26 of Ranma 1/2. The paperwork from buying the previous minivan in 1998. A big stack of comic books from when Mark Waid was still writing Fantastic Four. Revised, marked-up text of the ISFiC Bylaws that I need to type up and circulate.

And the closing inventory for 2006.