July 11th, 2007

The Outpost Meme

I escaped from Outpost Billroper!

I killed Autographedcat the space pirate, Spiritdance the tribble, Chanson the shapeshifter, Poltr1 the space pirate, Ladyat the shapeshifter, Kitespirit the red-shirted ensign, Folkmew the nutrivend drinks machine, Tigertoy the psychic agent, Hazelchaz the cleaning droid, Daddy Guido the maintenance droid, Cary Lee the psychic agent, Tryphina13 the plasma cloud, Daisy Knotwise the cleaning droid, Jslove the Phogon warbot and Jogehm the cargobot.

I salvaged an ERICCOLEMAN-20 plasma rifle, an Ohiian artefact, Backrubbear's commbadge, an FILK-60 phaser, a COMPUTERS-20 plasma rifle, a Bonz-Lizard model hazmat suit, an Elneelyian raygun, a cardinalslithium crystal, Jecklar's commbadge, a Catsittingstillian artefact, a SMALLS-7800 supercomputer, a CATALANA-30 plasma rifle, a SCS-11 forcefield generator, a Min0taurian artefact, an RINIOTH-140 phaser, the Log of the USS Bardling, an UNCLECHRISTO-130 phaser, a Themagicianian deathblade, a maedbh7lithium crystal, a Filker0 model hazmat suit, a SEREND forcefield generator, a KATYHH forcefield generator and 291 galacticredits.

Score: 1066

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Intelligence 18, Wisdom 3

My hip is still bothering me, although usually less so than before I went to see janmagic. The big trick is trying to keep it aligned properly.

So today, our programming group went on an outing to LaserQuest. After running around there, I came home, carried two of the three sets of shelves to the basement (daisy_knotwise brought the third set down in pieces), and we assembled two sets of shelves to replace the ones that had been catted.

The problem is that these 72 inch high shelves come with four shelves. We want five shelves. So we now have two spare shelves.

We looked around the basement to see if there were other shelves that wanted to be replaced. It turns out that the shelves holding up the CDs and cassettes are ripe for replacement. We'll need three shelves to replace them with five shelves each.

Of course, we only have two spare shelves. And the closest Menard's was out of the chrome-finish shelves, as we'd cleaned them out. So we headed to the Menard's in Niles, where we found four sets of chrome shelves, which was enough to build the three sets that we had planned, but now we've got three shelves left over.

This is somehow not working out the way I'd planned.

In the meantime, every muscle from my waist down aches.

But some of the stuff that we offloaded from the old shelves is now on the new shelves. So it's progress...