July 17th, 2007

Oh, So That's What That Is

We went to the ballgame on Saturday and on Sunday, noticed that the front of my surgically repaired leg was red. It looked like sunburn and sunburn was certainly a plausible thought, so we slathered it with aloe vera gel and kept an eye on it. This morning, I noticed a lump on the leg that was unfamiliar near one of the scars. Hmm.

I packed up daisy_knotwise and Katie and we headed off to Gretchen's doctor's appointment. As I was sitting in the waiting room, I noticed that the lump was leaking. One of the nurses looked over and said, "You have cellulitis. You should see your primary-care physician."

So after Gretchen's appointment, we hied off to LaGrange to Dr. Bob's office, where he prescribed antibiotics and told me to keep a good eye on it.

Sigh. At least we caught it pretty quickly.