July 29th, 2007

Revelations During Tax Preparation

Well, I'm making progress on the Dodeka taxes. I've entered all of the closing inventory data (with the exception of a couple of numbers that I'll need daisy_knotwise's help to interpret). And this pretty much settles one issue.

We are out of the tape business. Not counting filkertom's tapes -- a chunk of which we actually sold to him to fulfill orders -- and a few tapes given to other artists, we sold a total of fifteen tapes last year from our manufactured inventory.



Yesterday, we were having lunch at Portillo's and gave Katie a bit of mozzarella and cheddar cheese from our sandwiches. She thought this was a good idea, so we went to the Jewel and picked up some sliced cheese to see if she'd eat it at home.

Yup, she still thinks cheese is a good thing.

In other news, during a break from doing the taxes, we laid carpet tiles down the hallway in the basement, so the loop to the finished section of the basement is almost complete.