August 13th, 2007

A Mixed Bag

The new water heater was installed without difficulty today. So far, so good.

Unfortunately, the air conditioner froze up again, so we ended up calling Lenny who will come look at it tomorrow. In the meantime, we're fortunate enough to have a cool evening.

Dr. Bob says that the culture report indicates that the staph in my leg is penicillin resistant (if it wasn't before seeing 14 days of Augmentin and living through it, it certainly is resistant now), but it is susceptible to the Bactrim that I'm taking now.

I discover that, despite having United Healthcare under both Hyperion and Oracle, they've got different prescription providers and can't manage to transfer my prescriptions across, so we have to get all new ones. This is because we have to go through them, since any retail pharmacy could actually do this without problem.

And after dinner tonight jeff_duntemann and I went on a nice three-mile walk around the neighborhood, from here to the Cumberland station (more or less) and back.

So far, I still appear to have two working knees. :)

Secret Plots Redux

In this post from about a month ago, I describe a plan to get decadentdave a new/old computer along with modern screen-reading software. Shortly after that, daisy_knotwise was diagnosed with endometrial cancer (since happily removed) and life got a bit busy on this end of the world.

In the meantime, I have successfully resuscitated the dual-processor Windows XP Professional system. I have ordered the 60-day trial version of Window-Eyes which appears to be a good choice, although Dave would be a better judge of that once he gets his hands on the software.

And Karen Cooper has thoughtfully volunteered to accept contributions via PayPal at Or you could send me a check at 725 Citadel Ct., Des Plaines IL 60016 if that's simpler for you.

We'll still need to sort out the logistics of getting the working computer to Winnipeg, but I suspect it can be mongoled there through Mpls. We'll see...

So, shall we begin?