August 21st, 2007

Tick, Tick, Who's Got the Tick?

When daisy_knotwise, sexybass, and decadentdave headed down to the basement yesterday to record some scratch tracks, they weren't getting MIDI time code showing up on the d8b. I couldn't diagnose it remotely, so it waited until I got home. Somehow, the MIDI settings in Cubase hadn't saved properly, so the time code wasn't getting out to the MIDI patch bay. I reset them and I hope they stick this time.

Later that evening, we went down and got the first of the scratch tracks recorded. More recording is expected later today. :)

We Are So Doomed

daisy_knotwise had an appointment with Dr. Bob this morning, so when she finished up (delayed by a woman who was about to have a heart attack), she dropped by and met me for lunch. We went to a little Mexican place on Wolf Rd. and had burritos, which were pretty tasty, if not quite as good as what we got at Taqueria Fiesta.

decadentdave had expressed an interest in going to Fry's to pick up a 4 GB SD card. I suggested that we do it after dinner, since Dave would be full of stir fry and not really ready to sing. :) sexybass and sueposter joined us, as daisy_knotwise argued that we could all go, since she could sit on the floor of the family room with Katie and keep her from getting into too much trouble, even if she couldn't lift her.

When we returned from Fry's with our assorted goodie bags, we found no one in the family room. In fact, we found no one downstairs at all.

"Gretchen?" I called.

"I'm upstairs."

"Where's Katie?"

"Also upstairs."

"You carried her upstairs?"

"No, she carried herself."

It seems that Gretchen had a bit of intestinal distress (Burrito? Maybe...) and had hied off to the second floor bathroom, it being a bit more congenial to her post-surgical condition. She left Katie behind downstairs. When she finished up in the bathroom, she heard Katie crying at the foot of the stairs.

Except Katie wasn't at the foot of the stairs. She had crawled dutifully up the stairs in search of Mommy and was now two stairs away from the open gate at the top. Gretchen coaxed her up the last two steps and closed the gate behind her.

And so we found them watching TV on the bedroom floor.

Katie just climbed up the full flight of stairs on her own.

We are so doomed.