August 22nd, 2007

Its Master's Hand

By special request of sexybass and daisy_knotwise, I went down to the studio today and powered up the mixer and computer and made sure that they were talking to each other before I left. Apparently, my mixer mojo was working correctly, as everything seems ok.

Still turned off (to prevent damage in case the mixer loses its little mind) are:

  • The subwoofer
  • The near-field monitor speakers
  • The headphone amp
  • The phantom power to the mics on the Gold Channel

    And I'm pretty sure I turned on the Z-Sys digital patch bay, but they might want to check and make sure that the lights are on there. :)

    The Opposite of Congress

    Much recording progress was made in the studio today while I was at work (and a bit after I got home). Later in the evening, we watched the first disk of the Jimmy Buffett concert that daisy_knotwise and I went to at Wrigley Field in 2005.

    We also found out that decadentdave has never heard Paradise By the Dashboard Light. We intend to fix this before he returns to Winnipeg. :)