August 23rd, 2007

Noah, I Want You to Build an Ark

It's been raining pretty regularly here in Chicagoland since Saturday. Today, it outdid itself.

I was sitting in my new office in Westchester and watched the big storm blow by. About ten minutes later, I called into the Loop office and got the report that the storm had arrived there and that on the 23rd floor the building was swaying back and forth.

I got on I-294 which stopped cold immediately after the last chance to get off before the O'Hare exit. So I spent a bit over an hour crawling home through periodic pouring rain. (The radio traffic report kept insisting that the traffic got better after North Ave. They lied.)

But because I was listening to the traffic reports, I suddenly found out that this was a tremendous storm that blew mostly through the north side of town. Trees were down, traffic lights were out, streets were flooded, power was out.

And when I got off the highway, I found all these things. Fortunately, we only have had a couple of short power outages here. But our neighbors have lost shingles off their roof, one of the ash trees down the block has snapped in two, many traffic lights are out, many people are without power, and there is deep water pooling in low spots on the streets.

Naturally, we went out to dinner through all this.

We're home now. daisy_knotwise is putting Katie to bed, after which we'll go downstairs and play Paradise by the Dashboard Light for decadentdave. :)

(For those of you who missed parts of yesterday's discussion, this all started when he interjected into a conversation that you could write a song with all the baseball references to making out. Well, yes, you could...)