September 10th, 2007

Raising the Blood Pressure

Well, it appears that the fiasco with the Remote ClearCase check-ins on Friday is unfixable, so I had to destroy my view in order to save it. At this point, the ClearCase expert has suggested that I abandon Remote ClearCase and go back to using the regular version of ClearCase so I have access to the command-line tools in case something this stupid ever happens again.

So that's what I'm trying.

In the meantime, the hospital called today to schedule my surgery for Wednesday for which I need a history and physical. Fortunately, Dr. Bob had a hole in his schedule this afternoon, so I managed to get it done with him. Otherwise, I could have just gotten to the hospital earlier. That may have been the objective, given the notice that I was given. The good news was that they got my records from the other hospital where the surgery occurred which allowed us to skip the EKG and several blood tests.

The surgery is at 4 PM, supposedly outpatient, and I'm to have nothing to eat or drink after 7 AM. I predict that my mood by 4 PM will be interesting.

I had wanted to see Dr. Bob today anyway, as I was looking at a soft spot on the leg. He thinks it's not a problem, which is encouraging.

Meanwhile, as I typed this entry, the regular version of ClearCase has decided to choke and die as I try to check in the same file that failed on Friday.

"Choke and kill" is starting to sound like the right thing to do to our VOB server.