September 17th, 2007

We Have Created a Monster

Katie's been fond of the Graduates apple cookies that we picked up at our local grocery store. Actually, fond hardly begins to describe it. Picking up the can and handing it to daisy_knotwise, then throwing it at her when the can gets set aside describes it.

"Hey, dummy! Wanna cookie!"

So we were wandering through the baby food section at the Wal-Mart today when I noticed that there were Graduates foods that weren't likely sweet: Veggie Dip and Zesty Tomato. I figured why not give them a try?

So when we got back to the hotel from Mitch and Debbie's, we pulled out the can. Rather than being cookies, these more closely resemble cheese curls. And they were very popular.

We were repeatedly presented with the can. Over and over again.

I suppose it's an improvement of sorts...

And Katie's ten months old today.