October 2nd, 2007

The Taylor Guitars Road Show

The Taylor Guitars Road Show arrived at Gand tonight and I decided to head in that direction as I needed to pick up some cables for the studio anyway. Now, I had not internalized that this was the road show that I'd read about in Wood and Steel; I thought that this was just showing off the new solid-body electric guitars that they are releasing later this year. The full road show was much cooler.

They had guitars of many kinds that you wouldn't normally see, including the amazingly cool custom guitar with a sunken redwood top and macassar ebony back and sides. The back and the sides were essentially tiger-striped. The guitar had more low end than any acoustic guitar in my experience, which isn't a great surprise given the density of the woods involved. And we had a chance to play these expensive guitars during a break in the show, which was also very cool. I don't play a lot of $6500 guitars. :) (The ebony guitar was only about $4400. Gulp.)

Wayne, who plays with Manhattan Transfer, was with the road show to demonstrate the various guitars. As you might guess, he's a damned fine guitarist. One of the things that he had in his rack was a device that would record his output and loop it so that he could record one part, then play a second part against the first part. It was scary.

The solid-body guitars were, I suppose, nice enough, but not something I really need in any sense. This is a good thing.

And at the end of the show, I got a free set of strings. It's about time I changed my strings...