October 8th, 2007

The World's Best Filker's Wife

It's official now that I've booked non-refundable plane tickets -- I'll be heading off to the UK filk con next year with catalana. daisy_knotwise is staying home with Katie, because we're not at all up for trying to maneuver a just-over-one-year-old little girl on a trans-Atlantic flight. If you thought she didn't like the car seat, I just shudder to think about the effects on the other passengers on an overnight flight.

Gretchen notes that this makes her the World's Best Filker's Wife, a sentiment that I have to agree with. (Not that she's not a filker herself, for that matter, but...)

We're currently trying to figure out how to get all three of us down to GAFilk without having to fly Katie or have me burn up bunches of vacation time. We'll see how that works out. I'm hoping favorably.

CPAP Technology Marches On

I'm still getting used to the new CPAP. It's got a feature that causes it to pause the blowing when you exhale to make it easier to exhale. No back pressure, right? Unfortunately, this made me nuts within an hour, so I dialed it back to the minimum setting. That was much better. It still makes a different noise than the old CPAP, but I'll get used to that.

I haven't been able to use the new mask, because the flap smells of mildew, even after washing it. Since I'm rather allergic to mildew, I've decided not to spend the night breathing it. I've got a call in to the supplier to see about exchanging the mask when daisy_knotwise goes back to get her new CPAP unit tomorrow.

The most entertaining thing about the new unit is that I don't have to hit the switch to start it. I put on the mask and inhale through my nose. The sensors detect the pressure change and start blowing automatically.

I still have to switch it off -- although there's a setting that would make it shut itself off too if it detected that I'd removed the mask! But that's something I'll think about later. :)