November 3rd, 2007

Tote That Bale!

We discovered several weeks back that it wasn't going to be possible to complete the basement carpeting project in finite time with just daisy_knotwise and I working on it, because at least one of us has to be watching Katie at all times when she's not asleep. Weekend afternoon naps weren't going to get this project finished.

So I called Sam and asked if he might be able to come by and help. Five hours later, the basement is 95% plus carpeted. There's the last stretch along the wall where the CDs and tapes are stored on shelves that still needs to be worked over and that will be an adventure, but it's an adventure with an end in sight. Thanks, Sam!

As part of this adventure, we got to unload and then reload eight very full metal shelving units, building four new ones in the bargain. I have a mass of aching muscles and have just now finally been bright enough to go take two aspirin. Wonderful drug, aspirin...

The net result of this is that I have five metal shelving units, suitable for use in a basement or garage, that are free to a good home. Just come and take them away. :)