November 5th, 2007

Yet Another New Cellphone

Part of yesterday's entertainment was waiting an interminable amount of time in the Sprint PCS store to exchange my new cellphone for a different model. My previous phone was a Samsung and after a few days of using the new Sanyo phone, I realized that I liked the Samsung form factor a bit better. Also, the Sanyo just felt really cheap.

Now I have a brand-new Samsung M510 that can double as an MP3 player. Of course, when it's busy playing MP3s, it won't actually pick up calls, which is a bit of a minus. But I have confirmed that I can get it to play an MP3, by the simple expedient of loading the only MP3 that I had handy on there.

Mich and Marilisa's "Go Home". :)

Heroes Notes

Spoiling nothing at all, I'm greatly amused to see that HRG has the same Samsung phone that I do (plus or minus it being a version for a different carrier), while Claire has the same phone in red. I must find my old horn-rimmed glasses... :)