November 8th, 2007

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

I've been enmeshed in one of these projects at work where the right thing to do to get it to work is to modify big chunks of a subsystem so that the new data that you need is stored in the way that you want to store it going forward. Once that's done, you can then merrily proceed to use the new data for the purpose that you'd originally intended.

This afternoon, I finally shook the assorted buglets out of the subsystem -- or so I thought! I ran a little test and discovered that one thing wasn't working correctly at all.

Then I went back to the previous version. It doesn't work at all there either; nor, it turns out, does it have anything to do with the code I've been working on. It's the reporting subsystem sending me an incomplete data specification and getting garbage back.

So I've written a bug against the reports. :)

I'll test my code a bit more in the morning, then check in the big, ugly change so that I can start to write the fun bit of code that I set out to write a while back.

And later, we'll go back and finish implementing the nice, new feature that we'll get from the big code modification that I made.

Infrastructure. Gotta have it.


This is peripherally vaurien's fault, as he gave me this perfectly good chord which I then proceeded to not use in this song. See, instead of starting from the four finger G with the extra D that tattercoats uses, I started from the three finger G and did the same move, but now the B string is open.

This turns out to make a difference. :)
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