November 16th, 2007

Papa Needs New Shoes

Katie still thinks that shoes are an instrument of torture. We're hoping to disabuse her of this notion shortly, as it's getting cold outside and learning to walk means that shoes become a better and better idea.

I, on the other hand, am fond of the whole concept of arch support. And the arch supports on my New Balance 965s had given way, so it was time to think about pulling out the new pair that I'd bought a while back in preparation for this. I popped the box open last night, adjusted the laces, and all was right with the world.

At least on the everyday shoe side of the world.

Last weekend at WindyCon, I'd grabbed my dress shoes to wear with my tuxedo for the art auction. Unfortunately, feet tend to get larger as you get older and the dress shoes that are in fine condition are now more than a little small. Small enough that I have a fine set of bruises on the toes of one foot and a sore spot further up. That's not good, especially since I expect to be wearing dress shoes a lot at FilkOntario, since I'm the Waif there.

On Monday, I went to the Zappos website and ordered a new pair of dress Rockports. On Tuesday, I cleaned out several pairs of old dress shoes from my closet that no longer fit along with shirts that no longer fit and slacks that no longer fit and added them to the pile of things that daisy_knotwise was donating to charity. Some of those slacks were never-worn pairs that my mother bought for me at just about the moment that I no longer had a burning need for dress slacks. *sigh*

And after lacing up the walking shoes last night, I popped open the box with the new dress shoes. They fit just fine.

And shoes that fit are a very good thing.

Mama Needs a New Router

In the meantime, last night I noticed that our Internet connection was very slow. As in the 1.5 MB DSL line was downloading at 84 KB, although uploading was just fine. Ick.

I called technical support and discovered (after two trips to the basement) that my router had apparently lost its mind. So I'm off to Frys this afternoon to pick up a new one.

Since daisy_knotwise had noticed that Internet performance was sluggish, this will likely make her happy too. :)

Up to Speed

The new router has been successfully installed (same as the old router, a Linksys BEFSX41, but no resemblance internally or externally) no thanks to the Setup Wizard, as I ended up having to enter all the data by hand.

On the other hand, downloads are now back up to speed.