November 19th, 2007

It Must Be Monday

It's a reasonably warm but very foggy and misty day. My view of the Loop has been repossessed, it appears. Or doesn't appear, as the case may be.

I got out of the car at work, walked about fifty feet, and realized that I'd forgotten my badge in the car, so I went back to get it. When I got to the office, I realized that I didn't have my injector.

It turned out I'd left it in the car too, which was better than at home at least.

The good news is that my head still appears to be attached. :)

I'm meeting daisy_knotwise, catalana, and Katie in a few minutes for lunch, after which Erica will proceed back down to Champaign, Gretchen and Katie will proceed home, and I'll go back to work for a phone conference reporting on Oracle OpenWorld.

Then we'll see how the rest of the day goes...