November 30th, 2007

Friday Update

Well, I got hold of someone new at the insurance company -- actually, he called back and got hold of me, having been referred to the problem by the person I spoke to previously who was the fourth person to fail to solve it, but who I actually had a number to call back and complain at. He seems to have an intimate understanding of the problem, so there's some hope that we might get all of these bills straightened out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

At work, I'm getting some traction on the project that's been stalled for a very long time, which is good. I've also spent some more time untangling our Windows messaging (which is extremely tangled), but am having some trouble getting some of our folks to understand why this is important to get correct. I'll keep working on it.

Tomorrow morning before the scheduled ice storm, daisy_knotwise, Katie, and I will head out to our favorite Christmas tree lot to collect a tree. That should be substantially more fun... :)

M-20s Everywhere

While daisy_knotwise was putting Katie to bed, I went down to the studio to remove the old XT-20s that I'll be using for field recording so that I could replace them with the brand-new used M-20s that arrived today via UPS. Of course, the M-20s are four rack spaces high, while the XT-20s are three rack spaces high, so this meant I was going to have to rearrange things in the rack, because otherwise there wasn't going to be space.
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