December 22nd, 2007


daisy_knotwise and I removed the old TV from on top of the Camel's nose and put the new TV in its place. The first thing that we discovered was that the bright shiny blue LED in the front center of the panel also concealed the power switch -- actually, I should say the first thing that Katie discovered.

The next thing I discovered was how to turn the bright shiny blue LED off. With luck, it'll make the power switch less obvious to her.

The happy news is that the set has a tuner that finds all of the unscrambled digital channels on our local cable feed, including the HD versions of the local stations. This won't make any difference if we're watching with the DVR, but is kind of cool.

The top of the set is so thin that I'm going to have to go out and buy a shelf to mount the center speaker on. It fit on top of the old set, but not on top of this one.

I'll live.