December 30th, 2007


The Creative Zen 16 MB player was on sale at Amazon for about 25 dollars more than the 8 MB player, so I bought it. Now we'll see if it gets here in time to go to GAFilk with me. :)

Thanks for all the advice!

Shift Change

Katie's been a bit under the weather digestively for the last couple of days. She spit up fairly impressively in her crib the last two nights, although she's been willing to eat various things, so it's not like she's got a cramping stomach bug. And she was seriously constipated as well, but that finally gave way this evening, so we were greatly relieved.

I took her to put her to bed and she took about six ounces of formula and fell asleep. As I picked her up to put her in the crib, she picked that moment to lose the entire contents of her stomach (including the banana that I'd fed her earlier) across my shirt and blue jeans.

I called for help and handed Katie off to daisy_knotwise as I went to rinse off my clothes in the tub to remove the worst of the guck before they go into the laundry. This does mean that we'll have to make a trip down to the basement to get the laundry that's in the dryer which includes my other pair of blue jeans which Katie soaked last night with lemonade from an opened sippy cup.

I begin to conclude that I need more blue jeans.