January 3rd, 2008

The Quick Household Update

Katie appears to have thrown off whatever digestive bug she had. This seems to have produced a hopefully short bout of kiddie constipation again, but daisy_knotwise is feeding her fruit and hoping that things move normally again shortly.

I spent a bit of time on New Year's Day down in the basement counting the inventory. The good news is that next year's count should take a good bit less time once I get rid of the tapes.

And tonight, I watched David Letterman's return to the air, complete with actual writers. Yay! Leno is on the DVR for later review. I flipped over during a commercial and it looks like a Q & A session with the audience substituted for a good bit of the monologue.

Letterman, on the other hand, had Robin Williams as a guest which usually guarantees that I'll hurt myself laughing. This included a clip from his USO visit to Iraq where he was rather non-plussed as the entire audience turned its back to him as the bugle played and the flag was lowered. As an Air Force brat, I got a good chuckle out of that, remembering how Scott AFB would stop moving as the flag in front of the MAC building was lowered each day.

And yesterday, I wrote and posted a new song, cleverly botching the cut tag so that all of the lyrics were invisible. *sigh* Proofreading is my friend.