January 6th, 2008

Hand Me the Jigsaw

For some reason, every time that I get a new piece of stereo furniture, I end up using a jigsaw. daisy_knotwise suggests this is because I have some old, but serviceable components that are larger than the current standard. She also suggests that this is not a good reason to buy replacement components, usually as she's handing me the jigsaw.

But I get ahead of myself.
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Christmas Past

daisy_knotwise and I managed to get the Christmas tree stripped of ornaments and lights and out the door in about an hour and a quarter tonight, which was pretty good, given Katie's attempts to help. Those attempts including an unending fascination with the answering machine -- one of her favorite targets -- that ended with her being placed on the other side of the gate to scream, since she could scream just as well there as she could on the side with the Christmas tree. *sigh*

Later, we gave her the Angel Bear that Connie sent for her last Christmas. It plays "Silent Night" on the violin when you squeeze its foot and its wings light up and glow in alternating red and green. She liked that a lot better.