January 20th, 2008

Back From Confusion

We're back from Confusion. Sales were not great, but it's not like we're making our living from this and as huskiebear pointed out, when you're in the middle of the one-state recession, you've got to expect that sales aren't going to be so hot.

Other than the health issues mentioned before, we had a good time. We stopped for a leisurely dinner with Clif and carolf, then headed west through the cold and occasional snow flurry. We only saw one multi-car accident around Kalamazoo which was probably the result of black ice, which caused us to generally drive carefully and more slowly than we otherwise might have. As a result, we didn't get home until about 10:15, but getting home was the objective, so we're good with that.

Katie's still being mildly urpy, so daisy_knotwise has given her a syringe of baby Motrin and she's now trying her on a half-strength bottle of formula in the hopes that more water will help keep it all down. At least her mood seems to be good, but she's home and that makes her happy.