January 24th, 2008

Things That Don't Work

It's sort of sad when you discover that the code that you waited and waited for someone else to write is missing chunks of functionality without which it won't actually do anything useful. I'm putting those chunks in now.

I understand when code doesn't work. I've written plenty of things that didn't operate the way that they were supposed to and I've had to go back and fix them. What I have trouble understanding is incomplete code checked in and claimed as being complete.

I've found at least two major things wrong in this set of functions, both of which I think I've now fixed. I'm going to have to write a completely new interface against the data, because the existing system chokes and dies when asked to return 7200 data points, which doesn't seem to be that many to me, nor -- I suspect! -- to our customers. That interface will be the one I asked for in the first place, but was told that I didn't need.

Ok, I need it.

And now I will write it myself.