February 9th, 2008

Getting the Idea, Sort Of

So daisy_knotwise, Katie, and I headed out to Red Robin for dinner. We ordered the chicken fingers for Katie to gnaw on, as they came with fries and a kiddie glass of milk, which we figured we could transfer to the sippy cup.

Katie was having nothing of the sippy cup. She wanted the kiddie glass with the bright red lid and the bright red straw. Ok, dear, but you don't know how to drink with a straw. At least, she'd never actually applied successful suction to one before.

Suck! And Katie found herself with a mouthful of milk, apparently much to her surprise, as her mouth opened and the milk poured down her front.

Suck! Dribble, dribble, dribble.

But after about six or seven rounds of this, she started swallowing. It wasn't the prettiest performance in the world, but it appears that she's figured out how to use a straw.

Later at home, she tried to mug Gretchen and steal her beer, but she's still too young for that.

Changing Plans

I'd suggested to daisy_knotwise that we spend some time sorting out the boxes in the basement that need to go back on shelves while Katie took her afternoon nap. But Gretchen needed to do some Capricon work on the computer, so by the time she got down to the basement, I'd busied myself by cleaning off one of the old shelves in the basement and sorting it into sheep and goats.

The goats included some old cans of paint and varnish that had hardened into uselessness, along with a bunch of leftover cassette inserts for cassettes that we'll never run more of. The former will wait for a hazardous material recycling day; the latter have gone into the recycling bin.

When that was done, I pulled out the old shelf, laid down carpet tile, then pulled out a second old shelf so I could carpet under all the space that the new shelf would need. Finally, I build two of the new shelves, leaving just two to go in. One of the shelves in the new set was bent and will have to go back to the store, but I had a spare shelf to replace it with, so that wasn't a problem.

And Gretchen managed to consolidate two boxes of old junk down to one box, so she made progress too.

There is light at the end of this tunnel. Somewhere. :)