February 10th, 2008

The Biggest Stereo on the Block

daisy_knotwise, Katie, and I went over to Gand yesterday where we picked up the new sound system for Capricon. Since I didn't want to take it to the con without giving it a smoke test first, I've set it up in my living room, hooked it to the Mackie board, and hooked my MP3 player to that.

With a pair of 400 watt powered speakers, I now have the biggest stereo on the block, I suspect. If only it were summer so that I could open the windows and crank it up. :)

On the other hand, Katie is trying to take a nap right now...

And That's a Winner

On my way back from Lowe's where I exchanged the really badly bent shelf ("We don't normally exchange one shelf. We exchange the whole unit." "Yes, but the box is in shreds and the rest of the unit is assembled." "Oh. OK."), I stopped by our local grocery store to pick up some bread for dinner. They've just finished remodeling the store and are having their "Grand Reopening" this weekend. One of the things they do is to bring in a giant slot machine that you can spin and attempt to win prizes. Ok, why not?

I pulled the handle and the machine came up with three Miller Lite logos in a row. Oh, dear. I've won bad beer.

Well, no, actually I won the opportunity to pick one of the small home appliances on the shelf in the booth. That's much better. After a quick call home to consult, I brought daisy_knotwise a new electric tea kettle.